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What our clients say about us

Here's what people are saying about National Clemency Project, Inc..

"I cannot thank you enough. Your work with Governor Newsom's Clemency Office led to my immediate release from incarceration. Ed K. (California)


"Thank you for your professionalism and timeliness in filing my petition for clemency. I found out early on I could not do this myself and needed the help of professionals."

Michael C. (North Carolina)


"The National Clemency Project was a God send for our family. Our family member had been incarcerated for 28 years...through the efforts of the NCP, we were able to have his sentence commuted by 20 years."

William B. (Virginia)


"I feel like I have a new lease on life. I have been incarcerated for 30 years on a Life Without Parole sentence. After having my clemency granted, I am now eligible for parole."

James M. (California)



"After my petition I filed on my own was denied, I realized I did not have the skills to prepare an application for clemency that would get the board's attention. I feel more comfortable having your organization prepare this for me and know that it is money well spent."

Gregory D. (Illinois)


"While your fee to prepare the application for clemency is low, our family still struggled. Thank you for allowing us to use your payment plan to do this."

James R. (Kentucky)


"Just having my sentence reduced by the governor led to renewed hope of getting released sooner." Robert M. (Illinois)





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