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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How does the clemency process work?


A. Once the NCP is retained, we begin, in earnest, to collect all required information from the applicant and his or her family and acquaintances, we trace the person's life from birth to the present in a section titled Biographical Profile. The aim on that section is to get the Governor's Legal Affairs Staff, or President's Pardon Attorney, and later the Governor/President, looking at you as a real person, a flesh and blood being, not just a file folder and a  number. We go on to present the favorable institutional history and program accomplishments. We include a Release Plan and supporting documentation for the Petition for Clemency or Commutation.


Q. Is there a guarantee that my petition will be approved?


A. The short answer is no. However, you might liken the whole effort to that of a case before a jury. You put on the very best case you can, but nothing can be certain until the final "verdict" is handed down. Do keep in mind, however, that whatever the odds of success are for any given inmate, those same odds applied to the ones who, in fact, have been successful in their clemency bids. Fortunately, for them, they decided to give it a shot nevertheless when it remained their last hope for not having to serve every bit of their oppressive sentence.


Q. In what states do you handle clemency petitions?


A. We handle cases in most State Institutions. Know that the criteria for filing differs in each State. We do not handle cases in Texas, Alabama, Georgia or Alaska.


Q. How costly is this service?


A. Attorneys will quote fees ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 for similar services, leaving most inmates to fend for thems in a meager attempt to prepare a submission for consideration. The National Clemency Project provides this professional service at a much lower retainer fee which varies from state to state. Most inmates and their families are able to retain the National Clemency Project for representation due to our reduced retainer fee. Please complete a request for your state on the Contact page of this web site and we will promptly respond.

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