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Executive Clemency


The staff and resources of the National Clemency Project, Inc., include over 30 years professional experience preparing application packets to be submitted on behalf of State and Federal inmates alike. Our organization was founded out of a need for professional, highly specialized assistance for those incarcerated that do not have endless assets.


The National Clemency Project, Inc., is registered under the corporate laws and regulations of the State of Florida. The fact that our offices are located in Florida has never hindered our organization from assisting inmates in most states.




Clemency Process

We build a total, professional and impressive application packet based on information collected from the applicant and his or her family and acquaintances. The National Clemency Project does not provide legal representation but rather offers professional assistance in the preparation of the submission package to obtain a serious review of the clemency request. We fill the inmates need for professional assistance at a price he or she can afford. Attorneys can quote fees ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 for similar services, leaving most inmates to fend for themselves in a meager attempt to prepare a submission for consideration. Our organization is not a non-profit, however, our fees are considerably less than private law firms. 


The  team at National Clemency Project, Inc., is available for an initial consultation free of charge. Our experienced staff offers professional assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. Years of experience and our in-depth knowledge guarantees professional representation in all clemency applications. Browse through our website to learn more about our project and the services we provide. To obtain a quote for our fees for preparing and submitting clemency application packets, fill out the Contact page and we will promptly respond.

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